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Baltimore Locksmith Services can rescue you quickly if Lost Home Keys have your head spinning and has left you locked out of your home.

Do you have small kids that are impatient to get in the house quickly?
Do they need to use the bathroom or get to their computer games and can’t wait to get in the house?

If you call us in Baltimore, Maryland, we can unlock the door for you quickly and let you in the house while we get a new key made. If your locks have started failing on you and you don’t think they provide your with adequate security, we can Install New Locks for you fast enough.



We get many calls a day from customers seeking assistance with various issues concerning their locks and keys. While each call is different most of what we hear is Open Locked My Home.


Our locksmiths already anticipate these types of service needs and have prepared a repair kit that they use quickly to help customers.

We can also do Lock Change if you don’t trust your locks anymore or if your home has been broken into. We have extensive knowledge of locks and can quickly and easily pick a good one for you to use if you ever needed to. Just call us any time you need help in Baltimore, MD.

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Call Baltimore Locksmith Services at (443) 308-8463 today or use the form to contact us with any questions about our services or to schedule a locksmith service.

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FM Locksmith Humble responds quickly to assist you when you alert us that you have Lost Home Keys.


We just don't come fast, we also offer you practical solutions to get you back in the home fast.


We can open the door for you and if you don't have a spare, our locksmiths can make you another key.

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