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Any building that is occupied by customers, employees, or the public in general needs to have a way of getting people out safely if there is a threat of some kind.

If you don’t have Panic Bars installed in your exit doors, you are missing a useful device that can help evacuate your building quickly to save lives. We can install this gadget for you if you call Baltimore Locksmith Services.

Have you Lost Office Key and are wasting a lot of time that you could be using to work on your business?

Do you need a qualified service to get your locks opened quickly? If so, we can assist you as soon as you call us. Our services in Baltimore, Maryland are fast because we have a dedicated mobile unit that goes wherever a customer needs us.


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Having secure doors for your business is critical in providing you with the security that you need. If you have moved into a different building in Baltimore, MD it might be necessary to do Lock Change not just to give your business better security, but to discourage would-be burglars.


Having new locks will also provide you with a new set of keys which will void old keys if the building was previously occupied.

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Do you have a means of evacuating your building in case of a fire or some other threat? If you don’t we can install Panic Bars on your exit doors.


If you don’t have a Master key system you are wasting a lot of time looking for the right door key. We can make this system for you quickly and help you save time

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